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About Us, What Do you get When an American and a Kiwi get Married?

An International Perspective... Well, We Would Like to Think So!

OK, do you want to know about us? My name is Annette and his name is Keith and this is our story... at least part of our story and our love for travel, and all things New Zealand and about New Zealand Holidays.

Just in case you happen to know or have met a Kiwi or two in your travels, and I don't mean the bird or the fruit... I'm talking about the people. You would know that they are extremely proud of their homeland, somewhat obsessed on all things related to the Kiwi, and this time I actually do mean the bird and the fruit. New Zealanders, or Kiwis as they would prefer to be called, are probably the most travelled people in this world, I can't speak for any other world!

I would guess that probably when you grow up on an island that is so small, in the middle of the South-West Pacific Ocean, basically far away from everything... the first thing you would want to do is leave, travel and explore the rest of the world. And yes, indeed they do... they experience life outside their shores, and eventually, eventually all Kiwis go home!

Keith actually left his homeland in the mid-70's and became an entertainer on the Royal Viking Cruise ships out of Sydney, Australia... which took him all over the world, and back to New Zealand. As a male vocalist on the ship, the ladies loved him! He sang to them, he winked at them and yes he even gestured at them, and for his attention to them, they threw him roses and candy, they threw him keys to their cabins, and... well, I can't really talk about the rest, after all even though this is about us, this is a family show!

During that exciting year, Keith met a couple from the U.S. that took several cruises and they ended up on the same ship together, enjoyed each others company and for lack of a better description... adopted him, a guy in his 20s... probably because he's cute! He ended up in the states, and lots of travel stories and a few years later, became a Tour Manager for Olson-Travelworld and JetSet Tours, headquartered in Los Angeles. As a Tour Manager, Keith took travel groups back to New Zealand, guiding tourists and showing off his homeland to Americans.

As a Tour Manager, Keith will have many stories to share with you about us and those New Zealand Holidays, as we explore the cities and special places to visit in the North Island and the South Island... and I know that you will anxiously await to hear from him.

Ok, I know you want to know... who is this woman? Well, since this site is about us and about New Zealand Holidays, I'll keep my story brief. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, only a couple hours drive from the big apple, New York City and a little over an hour drive from Philadelphia. Like Keith, I couldn't wait to leave home... my parents can attest to that! It's a big world out there and I didn't want to miss it. And no, I'm not a singer... although I enjoy singing when no-one else is listening. In my youth I use to pick at the guitar, play a little portable Casio keyboard and in school play clarinet, yes in the marching band and orchestra, which sums up my musicality.

Keith will tell you that I can't dance with him... true, basically because I just don't like to be led... that he'll agree with. He was a ballroom dancer, so you would think I would let him lead, maybe someday! Hey, there's a song... he knows!

Ok, I'm trying to fast forward to get to the good stuff, about us. April 1991, a blind date, that's how we met... sounds simple, but I was in Arizona and he was in California... not now, Someday I'll tell the story. I ended up back in California and then less then a year later we came back to Carefree, Arizona for the first time together. Oh that's another story, we are just a bunch of gypsies! At the end of summer in 1993, we decided to get involved with one of those network marketing companies, and guess what, they were preparing to launch the company in of all places, New Zealand!

You probably guessed it! One day I went to Keith and said, hey honey why don't we put all our stuff... which was a lot of stuff, just ask everyone who helped us move it... into storage and go to New Zealand for a few months! We can build a business, visit your family, you can give me the grand tour. Well it didn't really take too much arm twisting, and we did put our stuff in storage and left for the first of our New Zealand Holidays which started a few days before Christmas.

Wow... all these new traditions, and Christmas in summer!

So do you want to know where we went, what we did?... Take the journey as we tell you more about us and as we show YOU around New Zealand!

Check back to visit About Us aka New Zealand Holiday Travel Guide, or clink the link below to Contact Us with specific questions as we share more of our adventures.

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